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About Us

Our (Cowgirl) Code of Ethics

• We’ll be transparent about all She Bucks proceeds and how your contributions are being used

• We’ll honor the privacy of the people we help

• We’ll act with integrity and keep the safety of survivors our highest priority

• We’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with you in the mission to end domestic violence

• We’ll empower women to rebuild their lives

• We’ll not sell your information nor bombard you with emails asking for more

Inspired Action for Positive Change

We are a for-profit organization that raises awareness about domestic violence through She Bucks branded merchandise and Equine Assisted Wellness Sessions. We shift social norms by promoting the She Bucks character who embodies feminine qualities such as strength, confidence, beauty, outspokenness, and empathy. Our aim is to help survivors connect with the help they need by providing a network of resources for those who are still living in abusive situations as well as those emerging from domestic violence.

Join us in our efforts as we make a difference and help women and families out of difficult times. Contact us to find out how you can become a She Bucks Champion, Donor or Volunteer. On the road and at the rodeo, horse show and competition circuit you will see She Bucks looking for others to join them in raising awareness and donations for women and families in need.

“Freedom is never given; it is won.”

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Rachel LLoyd


The smallest

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Increase Awareness

Wear your merchandise and bring awareness to the cause while feeling proud you do have what it takes to stand up for what is right!

Stories of Hope and Healing

Visit our website regularly to track in real time She Bucks philanthropic activities - the money being raised, stories of hope and healing, ways your contributions are helping.

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