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Equine Assisted Learning

Bring in the Horses

Every dollar spent on She Bucks merchandise helps raise awareness about this pervasive social issue and spurs on positive change.

Corporate Trainings:

Adds horse power to efficiency in the office and creates unity in a team!
The horses will show each person who is pulling the weight and who is being pulled in a very fun, non-defensive, unique way. It is a most excellent way to create a strong bond between co-workers and bring balance into the office to achieve greater success. It never surprises me when each person learns something on a personal level that they never forget.

It’s synergy at every level.

Call for individualized packages & pricing.
Session Includes: Waivers | Safety | 2 Hours with horses | Lunch | Review & Goodbyes

Leadership Trainings

Let the horses lead you to stronger leaders. Leadership sessions of any kind are always fun because most people that are in a leadership role tend to have a difficult time letting go. Sometimes we take on too much because of the thing in our mind we have to get this done. This mindset makes tired stressed-out people. The horses drag it out of you and really give you an opportunity to see where you are at in your leadership role. Sometimes leaders tend to do the work themself because they want it done right the first time and it’s easier to do it yourself and do it “right”. They also show you what you can do to improve and take care of yourself. As a strong leader, it may be a struggle to delegate, whatever it is the horses will show you if you are listening.


Call for individualized packages & pricing.
Session Includes: Waivers | Safety | 2 Hours with horses | Lunch | Review & Goodbyes


Family Unity:

My favorite! This creates a stronger bond in the home. I have seen kids and horses literally show the parents an instruction manual for meeting the kids needs. Horses most often show the parents where improvements can be made in their relationship with each other as well as their children.

“Witness the unique, gentle way horses show us how to love and be loved.”


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Youth Groups:

Youth groups are fun because the horses show us so many things, the importance of body language and the messages we are really giving to others. The horses can teach us how to have and maintain healthy boundaries. Youth are in a place where they are searching for for their own identity, they are getting pulled in different directions by parents,teachers, church leaderships, and their peers. The horses really empower kids to look within themself and honor who they are, taking the good from their parents,church,school and peers and moving forward in life.

Encourage kids to kick people and habits to the curb that do not serve them.


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Women’s Empowerment:

These horses show you who you really are if you will see it, they leave no stone unturned. Whatever it is you are searching for the horses will guide you there. Women do get sticky about a lot of things, most often they pay attention to detail much more than men. They are wired at an emotional level as mothers and caretakers to meet everyone else’s needs, in return they come last. We get pulled around trying to cover so many roles.

The horses really show you a great way to balance your life and meet your own needs.


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Individual Sessions:

If you are looking for change this is the place. If you aren’t looking for change the horses will still take you there and show you how to find comfort in change. After all it is one of the guarantees we have in life. This is such a powerful way to look within if you are looking for self improvement. I am humbled at the daily experiences I have shared with the horses and other people that have brought me to the now. Whatever it is you would like to find within yourself, the horses will show you at any level you are willing to see.

Call for individualized packages & pricing.

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