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Success Stories

The Healing Power of Horses

These are the stories of the people we have reached over the years – and realize not all are in the grips of direct domestic violence but are undergoing struggles that prevent them from living unbridled. The money being raised by the sales of She Bucks merchandise raise awareness about domestic violence and assists women to receive the help they need and deserve. Thank you to everyone who wears our gear and is helping make a difference! Here’s how your contributions are helping…

Stephanie B., Parent

Our daughter worked with Rachel for over a year to overcome several difficulties she was dealing with at home. Since my daughter had already been riding for 4 years when we started this process, she was eager to learn about their horses and offer her services to them as well. She immediately fell in love with all the horses along with Rachel Lloyd who became the “big sister” figure that she had always craved.

Rachel was able to help my daughter as no professional had ever done before. She knew exactly how my daughter ticked. Rachel is insightful when it comes to people. She knows how to get to the core of people quickly and accurately. She is so loving and caring and yet firm at the same time. Counseling young people, especially girls, requires a generous mix of patience, dedication, humor, and commitment, all of which can be used to describe Rachel.

– January 2016

Kelsy H.

Rachel has been gifted with a unique skill set that blesses the lives of those she works with. She is one that brings her heart to the game and is committed to the people she is working with. She has a passion for what she does. She believes in the power that equine therapy has to offer and that makes all the difference. I cannot tell you how many hearts she has been able to touch through her passion for helping others. I witnessed how dedicated she was to her work. She worked incredibly hard to make her equine program one of great power and insight that would benefit teams and individuals alike. She will do what it takes to get the job done and do it well, even if it requires getting a little dirty.

One thing that has always impressed me with Rachel is her ability to be real with people. She can sense what people need to hear and will often share that with them without mincing words while at the same time maintaining love for them. The women often respected her for that. In conjunction with this, she can hold firm boundaries with people when needed which adds to her ability to connect with them. Rachel is the type of person that loves to learn and is constantly striving for self-improvement. Because she is always learning, she uses herself as a powerful tool to teach others from her own experiences as she has overcome difficult life experiences.

— November 2017

“Rachel sensed what my daughter needed and was a major part of her growing, learning and healing. The program my daughter attended would not have been the same without Rachel and the equine work she did with the girls. When Rachel worked with us parents, we learned things about how we were parenting that changed our world and made us better for it. In working with Rachel and the horses we learned more about ourselves in one session that we learned in many “office” sessions with our regular therapist.”


Kerry V.

As a family who experienced many of the equine sessions with Rachel, I found that they were very moving and very insightful. We feel blessed to have had her involved in the treatment of our daughter and to have benefited from many sessions with Rachel. In addition, I feel fortunate to have been able to maintain a relationship with Rachel in that she’s one of the few people that has continued to maintain contact with our daughter and reach out and just give her gentle encouragement and support since we’ve been back in New York. She’s reached out to me to check in to see how Faith is doing and it is so obvious that she genuinely cares.

She has shown to be a warm, empathetic, knowledgeable, caring, insightful and dedicated professional.  She is also strong to be able to work with individuals dealing with such challenging problems.  We are so fortunate to have had her involved in the care of our daughter and to continue to maintain a professional/personal relationship with her.

– February 2017

Jack B.

My experience with horses and horse well-being sessions with Rachel is definitely an experience I will never forget. I enjoyed my time working with her and the horses and would discover something new daily. Rachel showed me that we can learn a lot about ourselves from the horses, and how horses really have a way of showing us who we really are. I learned that feeling connected and understood is an important thing to have in this world and I would’ve never learned it if it wasn’t for Rachel.

One day Rachel brought me a new horse and, without prior knowledge about this horse, asked me to get to know him and trust him by riding and working with him. The catch was, however, that this had to be done bareback and bridle-less which, as most people know, getting on a horse you don’t know with no saddle, no bridle, no reins, nothing is quite the feat. I had to put all my trust into that horse. I had to trust him to keep me safe and he had to trust me that I would also keep him safe and not lead him to danger. I had to trust Rachel and trust that she knew what she was doing. Through that exercise, I was able to open up and trust people more which has always been a struggle of mine. I will be forever thankful for Rachel and my work with her. She has many tips and tricks up her sleeve but they are all worthwhile.

December, 2015

Alana Z.

It is an impossible task to put into words the impact Rachel Lloyd has had on my heart and my life, but I sure am willing to try. Growing up in the Philadelphia area, I had no previous knowledge of a life in the mountains, horses, or ranch duties. When I first found out I was going to equine wellness sessions in southern Utah, you may as well have told me I was going to prison. Despite my initial pessimism, however, I was able to discover the greatest freedom I’ve ever known. When I first met Rachel, I was completely lost. Feeling broken from the cards I’ve been dealt, no sense of identity, and utterly hopeless. I could not see the light. I did not believe it existed. A strong, beautiful person walked into my life with a huge smile and for the first time in a long time I had a glimpse of what that light may be. For I could see it within her. She was radiant. Although I was on guard, Rachel’s gentle presence and strong will is a combination that can make anyone feel safe. Day by day I would spend riding, mucking the pens, laughing and talking with Rachel. We grew to have a very close relationship, and that is something I will always hold sacred to my heart. Rachel guided me to explore the depths of my own vulnerability alongside the most majestic animals I’ve come to know.

— July 2014



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